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Model E-beam writer with SEM (JSM-6510)
Specifications Various nanopatterning is essential for studying electrical properties of 2 dimensional materials and carbon nanotube. E-beam writer is possible to fabricate electrical devices from nano size to macro size with various patterns. Also they can make line & space periodic patterns which give potentional to study optical properties of meta materials.

- Surface morpology & topography analysis
- E-beam lithography patterning for device fabrication
Manager/Contact Kim Joo Yub / / 042-350-3382
Usage fees Internal : 53,000/1hr
External : -
Others : -


  1. Rules for Cleanroom

  2. P-2 long scan profiler(Alpha step)

  3. E-beam writer with SEM (JSM-6510)

  4. DC Pt sputtering and dry etching

  5. Mask Alinger(MDA-400M-06)

  6. Glove box & Thermal evaporator

  7. DC/RF Magnetron Sputter

  8. Rapid Thermal Annealing(RTA)

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