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NT for Healthcare

Nanotechnology involving material synthesis, structure fabrication and control, and applications to electronics and sensing devices has had a great impact on development in the healthcare field. This field is widening to include molecular diagnostics, targeted therapeutics, point-of-care testing, and monitoring systems. The aim of our center is to apply the most advanced approaches in NT in combination with various disciplines in science and engineering. Our research goal is to develop healthcare systems utilizing smart, multifunctional nanomaterials to overcome the limitations of current standard technologies.


Research Topics


Nanotechnology Systems for Diagnosis of Infections

The emergence and spread of infectious diseases are a serious threat to the global society. A rapid and sensitive platform for diagnosis that can be widely applied in the community is in great need. We apply nanomaterials and nanomolecular engineering approaches to detect the infectious pathogens and other disease targets with great speed and accuracy, which would allow optimized treatment and eventually prevent the spread of the disease.

Healthcare Devices and Sensor Technology

Nanotechnology offers a promising solution to physical, chemical, and biological sensing in light of detection selectivity and sensitivity. Recently, carbon-based and metal nanostructures have been used to detect the presence of chemical species and biological components, as well as to monitor various physical parameters. Our efforts focus on synthesizing and fabricating nanomaterials for newly emerging optical, opto-electronic, and opto-chemical sensors that can be used for state-of-the-art healthcare systems.

Key Technology

  • Multifunctional and Ultrasensitive Nanomaterials
  • Smart Electronics and Sensors
  • Biomolecular Signal Amplification
  • Nanobiosystems Engineering