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113. Photo-luminescence liquid crystal compound
Yoon, Dong Ki/10-2016-0182198/2016. 12/Patent application/KINC > Others
112. Method for preparing DNA template for nano-structure fabrication
Yoon, Dong Ki/10-1683777-0000/2016. 12/Patent application/KINC > Others
111. Method for fabricating nanoparticle clusters
Yoon, Dong Ki/10-2016-0141159/2016. 10/Patent application/KINC > Others
110. Alignment Method of Liquid Crystal and Method of Preparing Liquid Crystal Cell
Yoon, Dong Ki/10-2016-0143510/2016. 10/Patent application/KINC > Others
109. Method of Dichroic Polarizing Light-emitting Film Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Molecule Have Luminescence Properties and Liquid Crystal Display Comprising the Same
Yoon, Dong Ki/10-2016-0115457/2016. 09/Patent application/KINC > Others
108. Method of Fabricating Liquid Crystal Layer and Nanoparticle Clusters
Yoon, Dong Ki/10-2016-0068711/2016. 06/Patent application/KINC > Others
107. Method of Preparing Coating Layer of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal for Multi-Domain Liquid Crystal Alignment
Yoon, Dong Ki /10-2016-0033332/2016. 03/Patent application/KINC > Others
106. Method for Manufacturing Silicene Using Phase Separation of Binary Compound and Silicene Manufactured by the Same Method
Lee, Keon Jae/10-1685149-0000/2016. 12/Patent registration/KINC > NT for Advanced Opto-Electronics
105. Pattern having a large grain, and method for preparing the same
Lee, Keon Jae/10-2016-0148810/2016. 11/Patent application/KINC > NT for Advanced Opto-Electronics
104. Method for preparing graphene using solid carbon source
Lee, Keon Jae/10-2015-0080684/2016. 06/Patent application/KINC > NT for Advanced Opto-Electronics
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