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■ 외부 초청 세미나 (2건)

일시 : 2008. 1. 15(화)
연사 : Dr. 전 석 우 (Columbia University, 미국)
장소 : 신소재공학과 2425호
제목 : Transfer work of aligned CNT and graphen and proposed research at KAIST

Carbon based, low dimensional electronic materials such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) and graphene prove their importance with superior electronic properties. Likewise, metamaterials fabricated by the state of the art patterning technique promise unique optical properties. Both of those materials, which become emerging classes of materials science, are still not useful to the broad field of real world applications because of difficulty in synthesis and precise control of properties. Here I present a brief summary of fabrication strategy of three dimensional metamaterials, and introduce work related to carbon based electronic materials performed at Columbia University. Aligned growth of CNT has been an important issue to researchers involved in CNT, and recent work has proved the possibility of alignment by using special substrates ( i.e. quartz, sapphire, etc.) where CNT can grow along crystallographic axes. Many applications of aligned tubes produced from quartz substrates includes an integrated platform for using CNTs as electrodes for single molecules toward sensing applications, the measurement of high frequency properties of CNTs, and selective transfer of CNTs on target positions. Finally, research ideas that will be initiaged at KAIST are brought up for constructive discussions and successful integration into MSE and KINC.

일시 : 2008. 1. 15(화)
연사 : Mr. Andre Lee (Vice President, Intellecture Ventures)
장소 : 신소재공학과 1세미나실 (2430호)
제목 : Invention - A new market for Korean Ideas

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