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일시: 07.6.12(화) 16:00
연사: 최재우 교수 (Wayne State University)
제목: Flexible Energy Conversion Micro-Cable

In this presentation, I would like to present an on-going research activity in my group about an energy conversion device, which is a microscale flexible cylindrical hydride system, which is able to combine chemical and solar energy to generate electrical energy. The fuel cell devices consist of a cylindrical nafion tube as the membrane and carbon nanotube doped Pt(-Ru)/carbon black as the catalyst, anode and cathode. The flexible energy conversion device does not require any bipolar plates. The microscale cylindrical fuel cell device is very desirable to improve the performance of fuel cells by adapting the asymmetrical transport properties of fuel cells. This opens an opportunity to reduce overpotential, fuel crossover and cost, and to increase safety, efficiency and durability. Carbon nanotube doped catalyst shows tenfold catalytic activity, conductivity and durability enhancement. Due to these promising properties, various types of fuels can be used including hydrogen and alcohols. Additionally, the flexible fuel cell cable device is designed to increase its power generation efficiency by employing solar energy to increase the catalytic activity of fuel cells. This is achieved by incorporating light sensitive materials into the catalyst layer.

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