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■ 외부초청 세미나

일시: 07.6.11(월) 17:00
연사: W.I. Milne (Cambridge University)
제목: Carbon Nanotubes and their Potential use in Electronic Devices and Circuits

Since their identification by IIjima in 1991, Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) have been touted as being one of the most promising materials systems for future electronic applications. CNTs are a unique form of carbon filament/fibre in which sheets of sp2 bonded graphite with no surface broken bonds roll up to form tubes. Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes can exhibit either semiconducting or metallic like properties whereas Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes exhibit only non-semiconducting behaviour. Both types have been investigated for their use in electronics. Their potential application in this field is based upon the several unique properties that the CNTs possess e.g they have the highest thermal conductivity , they can exhibit ballistic transport and do not suffer from electron migration. To date there have been various reports of their use in vias and interconnects, FETs, diodes, simple logic circuits, NEMS devices and various sensing applications. Also when mixed with polymers they can be used in transparent conductors, in solar cells and in photonics. However there are still several problems to overcome before their potential in most of these applications can be realised.

In this paper, the growth and characterisation of both single and multi wall CNTs is described and also some of the above applications will be discussed and a realistic appraisal of the future of CNTs in the electronics field will be provided. Although they are very unlikely, in the author`s opinion, to take over from silicon for use in the active devices such as transistors and diodes etc. in logic circuits their use in vias in next generation integrated circuits is considered as being entirely feasible as is their use in transparent conducting contacts. Another major contribution to future electronics could be in add-on applications such as bio and gas sensors integrated with silicon rather than replacing the silicon itself.

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