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Invited Seminar] Prof. RAJARSHI BANERJEE(University of North Texas)


: 2011. 9. 15 11:00

: KI빌딩(E4) 4F Lecture Room

of Materials Sci. and Engg. University of North

: 신소재공학과 전석우 교수(T.3342), KINC 사무실( T.7271)

Laser Deposited TiC/ Ni Composites for
Surface Engineering Applications

□ Abstract

TiC/Ni metal matrix composites have been processed using
the laser engineered net shaping (LENS) process. As nickel does not form an
equilibrium carbide phase, addition of a strong carbide former in the form of
titanium reinforces the nickel matrix resulting in a promising hybrid material
for both hard-facing as well as high temperature structural applications.
Changing the relative amounts of titanium and carbon in the nickel matrix,
relatively low volume fraction of refined homogeneously distributed carbide
precipitates, formation of in-situ carbide precipitates and the microstructural
changes are investigated. The results proved that lower C/Ti ratio consisted of
primary faceted TiC precipitates distributed in eutectic Ni+ TiC matrix leads
to hard composite. In contrast, a higher C/Ti ratio with large volume fraction
of graphite bundles distributed in the eutectic Ni+ TiC leads to softer
composite without volume fraction change in eutectic TiC. These composites are
characterized using Scanning electron Microscope (SEM), X- Ray Diffraction
(XRD), Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) and Transmission Electron Microscope
(TEM). Site-specific laser-pulsed atom probe tomography tomography (APT)
studies have been performed on the carbide in the Ni matrix. The experimentally
measured carbon concentration within the primary TiC appears to be changing
from the carbide/nickel interface towards the core of the carbide while the
eutectic TiC precipitates appear to exhibit a more uniform carbon
concentration. Additionally, the structure of the TiC/Ni interface and the
orientation relationship between carbides and matrix will also be discussed in
this study.

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