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■ 외부초청 세미나

일시: 07.6.19(화) 16:00
연사: 전석우 박사 (Columbia University)
제목: New Opportunities in 3D Nanofabrication and Low Dimensional Nanoelectronics

Since early 1990s, photonic bandgap materials and carbon based electronics have been actively researched to replace or compliment conventional silicone based electronic devices for the next generation applications.  Unfortunately, most of these work remains in theoretical level with realization of single device level as a proof of concept. This fact challenges, or gives an opportunity, to material scientists; remember Chokralsky method, a technique to purify silicone, gives a ground to revolutionize information technology of 20th century.  First, fast and easy fabrication technique of three dimensional (3D) nanostructures in large area, which serve as metamaterials for photonic bandgap material, density gradient structure, nanofluidic component, and many others is the key element to answer the challenge.   Second, precise control of low dimensional electronic materials which has size of <10 nm at least in one dimension for scalable electronics is the other.  Here I briefly introduce the opportunities in these fields and, then, discuss new techniques of three dimensional (3D) nanopatterning and controlled growth techniques of carbon nanotube with various examples of applications.  Finally, based on my former research results, I propose new research ideas that could lead nanoscience, biomaterials, and device industry for long.

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