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◎ Title : Spatially resolved electric and thermal properties study of graphene field effect devices
◎ Speaker : Young-Jun Yu (Department of Physics, Columbia University, New York)
◎ Date & Time : 8. 6(Fri) 16:00
◎ Place : 응용공학동 신소재공학과 제 2세미나실

◎ Abstract :
Spatially resolved electric and thermal properties study of graphene field effect devices

We present spatially resolved surface potential and thermal distribution of graphene field effect devices probed by scanning Kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM) and scanning thermal microscopy (SThM).
In SKPM study, we measured the surface potential variation of mono and bi-layer graphene devices. Using the electric field effect, the work function of graphene can be adjusted as the gate voltage tunes the Fermi level across the charge neutrality point. Upon biasing the device, the surface potential map obtained by SKPM provides a reliable way to measure the contact resistance of individual electrodes contacting graphene.
In order to understand the energy dissipation in graphene devices, including graphene nanoribbons (GNRs), we have studied temperature distribution of self-heated GNRs with SThM within 100 nm spatial resolutions. The temperature distributions measured in GNRs are attributed to joule heating variation in the channel due to the locally enhanced scattering which forms hot spot formation. From these SThM map in the devices, the junction thermal resistance between GNR and SiO2 substrate were estimated

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