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■ 외부초청 세미나

일시 : 2008. 8. 26(화), 16:00
연사 : Prof. Yoshio Bando (NIMS)
장소 : 신소재공학과 2427 강의실
제목 : BN nanotubes and composites

Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) possess notably better chemical stability
and resistance to oxidation, and exhibit nearly similar mechanical
properties and thermal conductivity as compared with CNT. However, the
studies on BNNT containing composites and BNNTs functionalization have been
hindered because of significant difficulties in getting highly pure BNNTs
at high yield. Highly pure BNNTs synthesized at high yield via a carbon-
free chemical vapor deposition method were proposed. BNNT-polymer
composites were first produced, in which the elastic modulus of the
composites increased significantly. Characteristic features of the BNNT
composites will be discussed.

관심있으신 분들의 많은 참여부탁드립니다.

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