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■ 외부초청 세미나

일시: 07.7.30(월) 16:00
연사: 서형석 교수 (UCSB, 미국)
제목: Bioseparations and Biosensors in Microfluidic Systems

Over the last decade, the development of highly sensitive biosensors received much attention. Such needs arise from that fact that, for example, as few as 50 cells of E. coli O157:H7 are sufficient to cause infections, and these 50 cells may be spread across a large area or be diluted in a large volume. However, the current capability to detect pathogens at extremely low concentrations remains limited due to the fact that such sensors must also simultaneously demonstrate equally high specificity. Thus, the integration of effective bioseparation devices with highly specific and sensitive biosensors within an integrated system will become a critical biotechnological capability. In this work, we discuss the development of electrokinetic and magnetophoretic technologies for the rapid enrichment of the target species (i.e. molecules, viruses, bacteria and mammalian cells) that is integratable with multiple modes of sample amplification (e.g. PCR) and detection (e.g. fluorescence and electrochemistry) within monolithic microfluidic devices.

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