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◎ Title : Instabilities of polymers at interfaces: New routes to responsive surfaces and nanostructured assemblies
◎ Speaker: Prof. Ryan C. Hayward (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
◎ Date & Time : 5. 25(화) 16:00 - 18:00
◎ Place : #1101(1st floor seminar room), W1-3 bd.
◎ Contact : 생명화학공학과 김범준 교수(TEL.3935)
◎ Abstract :

Instabilities of polymers at interfaces: New routes to responsive surfaces and nanostructured assemblies

Our group studies the use of different types of interfacial instabilities to generate complex and stimuli-responsive polymeric structures. In one example, we study an elastic creasing instability of surface-attached hydrogels under osmotic swelling stresses. Despite being discovered more than a century ago, our understanding of this process is far from complete. We are working to quantitatively characterize the conditions under which the instability occurs, the structures that are formed, and the implications for the design of biomaterials. In addition, this process provides a simple and flexible route to prepare "smart" surfaces with chemical patterns that can be reversibly "erased" and regenerated on demand. In another example, we study the self-organization of amphiphilic block copolymers in evaporating droplets of organic solvent. Through a series of hydrodynamic instabilities of the organic/water interface, the polymers assemble into a variety of micellar and complex microparticulate structures that offer unique opportunities as encapsulation and delivery vehicles. We have found that the instabilities are consistent with a nearly vanishing tension of the organic/water interface, and have characterized how the resulting structures depend upon the composition of the amphiphilic polymer.

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