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◎ Title : Nano lithography using functional soft materials
◎ Speaker: 김우수 박사 (Xerox Research center of Canada)
◎ Date & Time : 5. 28(금) 14:00
◎ Place : 신소재공학과 제2세미나실, W1-1 Building
◎ Abstract :

Nano lithography using functional soft materials
Woo Soo Kim
Xerox Research Centre of Canada

In this seminar, I will demonstrate how to understand and exploit interesting characteristics of `soft functional` materials, such as sol-gel polymer, metallic nano-particles, and block copolymers. And also nano lithography using flexible stamp will be surveyed using by these soft functional materials. Combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, involving imprinting and self assembly respectively are demonstrating good success in fabricating the micro/nano structures and creating desired properties for mechatronic applications. I will talk the technical challenges and opportunities associated with nano lithography, and present a number of innovative engineering approaches pursued recently.