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Extra Form
◎ Title : Graphene based materials and thier applications
◎ Speaker : Rodeny S. Ruoff
◎ Date & Time : 5. 21(금) 16:00
◎ Place : 응용공학동 신소재공학과 2427호 강의실
◎ Contact : 신소재공학과 김상욱 교수(T.3339)

Graphene based materials and thier applications

Prof. Ruoff spoke fairly recently at KAIST. In this talk on Friday, May 21, he will introduce new work, namely thermal conductivity measurements of graphene on SiO2, and separately suspended over circular holes. He will also present recent results on polymer matrix composites with graphene-based filler and the mechanical and thermomechanical response of such composites. Finally, he will discuss recent work on ultracapacitors using microwave expanded graphite oxide (MEGO) as an electrode material, and also of the thermal reduction of graphene oxide platelets dispersed in propylene carbonate (PC) and then the fabrication of ultracapacitors with organic electrolyte using PC as the solvent.