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◎ Title : The Role of Surface/Interface Defects in the Transport of Nanostructure (From quantum corrections to GMR in silicide system)
◎ Speaker: Micron Technology 김태훈 박사
◎ Date & Time : 5. 12(수) 16:00
◎ Place: KAIST 응용공학동 강의실 1317호


In this presentation, I will demonstrate the role of surface/interface defects in the transport mechanism of silicide nanostructure. The defects which each carry a net magnetic moment due to an unpaired spin totally change the transport mechanism from (anti-)weaklocalization (WL) to hysteretic giant magnetoresistance (GMR) up to 200%. The dynamic characteristics of the MR are suggestive of weakly interacting and collective motion of localized paramagnetic moments. The implication of these results will be critical for the noise and spin coherency issue of spintronics and, furthermore, suggest the application of novel GMR device.