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Titel: Injectable Synthetic Matrices for Tissue Engineering
Speaker: Dr. Won Hyuk Suh (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Date & Time: 2009. 11. 4. (Wed) 16:00 p.m
Place: 응용공학동 2층 강의실 2425



Injectable Synthetic Matrices for Tissue Engineering

Won Hyuk Suh, Katie Megley, Tomoko Shimada, and Matthew Tirrell*

Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94706

Presenter e-mail:, corresponding author e-mail:




Tirrell and co-workers have discovered a new type of peptide amphiphile (PA) that transforms into fibrous worm-like micelles upon prolonged standing in an aqueous media or the introduction of shear force.1 The particular peptide sequence is WA4KA4KA4KA, which is a 17-mer and is attached to a C16 carbon tail (from here on the particular PA will be denoted as C16-W3K). Upon liquid mixing, the C16-W3K PAs form spherical micelles and then become a porous matrix as shown in the electron microscope image (Figure 1) that can be a suitable (injectable) synthetic matrix for cell growth in vitro and in vivo with further modifications. We are currently testing the biological efficacy of C16-W3K PA and its variants using neural stem cells2 and in animal models3.


Figure 1. C16-W3K peptide amphiphile gel. (A,B) Macrophotograph of C16-W3K PA before and after gelation. (C) SEM of C16-W3K PA gelled and fixed.


 (1) Shimada, T.; Lee, S.; Bates, F. S.; Hotta, A.; Tirrell, M. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2009.

(2) Silva, G. A.; Czeisler, C.; Niece, K. L.; Beniash, E.; Harrington, D. A.; Kessler, J. A.; Stupp, S. I. Science 2004, 303, 1352-1355.

(3) Clavijo-Alvarez, J. A.; Nguyen, V. T.; Santiago, L. Y.; Doctor, J. S.; Lee, W. P. A.; Marra, K. G. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2007, 119, 1839-1851.




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