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일시: 07.5.11 (금) 16:00
연사: Prof.George Barbastathis (MIT)
제목: Origami assembly of nanophotonic and energy storage systems

The Nanostructured Origami™ 3D Fabrication and Assembly method is used to create three-dimensional (3D) nanosystems by exclusive use of 2D lithography tools. The method consists of two steps. First, we nanopattern a membrane with functional features: photonic, mechanical, electronic, chemical and/or biological components, etc. During the same step, we define hinges, folding actuation, latching and alignment mechanisms to be used in the next step. Subsequently, we activate the membrane to fold it into the final 3D nanosystem with its components located and interconnected as desired. We have studied experimentally and analytically, and optimized several aspects of this technology: membrane materials, folding actuation and dynamics, and alignment strategies. We have demonstrated a functioning origami super-capacitor with energy density exceeding that of commercial devices. We have also demonstrated that by using close-range interaction of nanomagnets patterned on the membrane, we can achieve sub-100nm alignment between the folded segments. Our results indicate that Nanostructured Origami enables accurate and cost-effective manufacturing of 3D nanophotonic structures, for example photonic crystals and non-crystals, as well as hybrids where integrated optical components are combined with electronic, mechanical, and energy storage elements.

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